Last Days of Jude is a collaborative independent rock project founded in June 2018 in Los Angeles, California by Fre as lead vocalist and producer. Their debut EP, Cocoon, released in January 2019 is a five-song home-studio recording that introduces us to Fre's story as a Venezuelan exiled in the U.S., and his major musical influences (Nine Inch Nails, A Perfect Circle and Incubus among many others).


It was written in collaboration with singer/songwriter Devon Nunally, Jesus Bartolacci (bass in Human Skin and Sins, guitars in Schizophrenic, Sins and Home) and AleTheDrummer (drums in Home and Schizophrenic) as co-producer. In December 2019 they drop SchizophreMIX, a remix by AleTheDrummer as a way to end the Cocoon cycle and welcome a more experimental and electronic phase influenced by EDM artists like RL Grime, WHIPPED CREAM and 1788-L.


GIMME, written by Cord Jackman (synths, loops), Jesus Bartolacci (bass, guitars), Fre (lyrics) and co-produced by AleTheDrummer is the result of this new stage. It was released on February 29, 2020 with a music video (co-produced by content creator Andy Wang) shot at The Satellite, one of the most iconic local rock venues in Los Angeles, just before it was forced to close due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


On July 17 LDØJ drops their second single of 2020, MI§3RY; a song whose lyrics and video (directed by Fre and co-produced by cinematographer Horacio Martinez) portrays the chaos and social unrest of our current society (U.S. and worldwide). MI§3RY is another collaborative effort of the dynamic trio (Jesus Bartolacci, AleTheDrummer and Fre) with a new member added to the equation, Alejandro Matheus (synths, loops)

In 2021 LDØJ will release their latest single and music video [ S Ø M Ø S } produced by Fre and Ale featuring Luis Gonzalez of DNAtion and CarmeloKarma (former bass player of the Venezuelan rock band Candy66). Last Days of Jude music is available on all major online music streaming platforms. For more about their latest releases, follow them on Instagram